A little about us...

Elvetta loves providing therapeutic massage and has found it quite rewarding to see the positive impact that massage has made on her clients as well as herself.  She is driven to improve the well being of those in roles that serve others as well as clients with special needs in a fully ADA compliant setting.


In 2011, Elvetta graduated from American Institute of Massage (AIM) in Henrico, Virginia.  While attending AIM, she saw first hand the benefits of massage.  She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, is also certified in Lymphatic Massage and is a Certified Nurse Assistant.


During a 28 year career prior to massage and health care, Elvetta developed chronic neck and shoulder pain, as her job tasks involved many hours per day looking through a microscope.  By receiving regular massage, the pain that she endured for many years disappeared.


Elvetta prides herself in providing attentive individualized sessions that are driven by clients that experience reduced pain, increased range of motion, less anxiety, better sleep, management of fibromyalgia, reduced swelling of limbs, relaxation, as well as numerous other benefits of massage.


Attevle is committed to enhancing wellness through massage with a focus on those who serve others.  The therapist is fully engaged and attentive to the needs of each caregiver, maximizing their potential to give their best to others.