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Review our array of massages and request to book any of your choosing. Have questions? See our frequently asked questions section towards the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you in person really soon!

Swedish Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Great for relaxation and reducing anxiety.  Slow, gentle strokes with light to medium pressure warm the muscles, gradually breaking up adhesions.  Swedish massage is also recommended for those who are new to receiving massage.


Deep Tissue Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Offers pain and tension relief, penetrates deeper into muscles.  Helpful for chronic aches and pains.  Some areas of focus include shoulder pain, low back pain, limited mobility, muscle tension, in the hamstrings, IT band and glutes.  Soreness is common following this type of massage.  Plenty of water along with icing the tender area following deep tissue massage is suggested to reduce soreness.


Prenatal Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Along with the benefits that massage offers, massage for the expectant mother is a great way to help cope with discomfort that pregnancy brings such as stress, low back pain and pain in the weight bearing. joints.  This massage is performed in the side-lying position for optimal comfort to mother and baby.


Couples Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Receiving a massage alongside your partner, loved one or bestie is a wonderful way to experience massage.  Two tables, along with two therapists allow the two of you to experience your customized massage in the same room at the same time.


Lymphatic Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Manual Lymphatic Drainage involves using very light sweeping, rhythmic strokes to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid.  Lymphatic fluid carries white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients to tissues throughout  the body.  Lymphatic massage helps boost immunity, shows promise in the treatment of fibromyalgia, lymphedema following breast cancer surgery and is recommended for various sports related injuries.


Sports Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Prepares athletes for optimal performance,  helps muscles function well during training, aids recovery after a big event, and is also used in rehabilitating injured muscles.  This type of massage is used for prevention and healing of injury to muscles and tendons.  Stretching and compressions are incorporated into the massage.


Geriatrics Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

The elderly experience more sensitivity to touch and increased fragility.  Geriatric massage takes these and other factors that relate to the elderly into account when performing massage.  Touch is very important and stimulates circulation, eases depression and stress while it boosts the immune system.  Massage for the elderly also reduces aches and pain associated with the aged.


Hot Stones Pricing: 60 mins = $80 | 90 mins = $95 | 120 mins = $110

The use of hot stones allows the therapist to get deeper into the muscles more quickly. A combination of swedish massage while using various sized basalt stones provide relief from achy muscles. The stones are used along with massage lotion or oil to glide and penetrate muscles.  Stones are also placed on various parts of the body to improve the body's flow of energy.  This type of massage is deeply relaxing.


Trigger Point Pricing: 60 mins = $60 | 90 mins = $75 | 120 mins = $90

Pain that causes tingling, numbness and other discomfort in other parts of the body distant from the source is called a trigger point.  Trigger point therapy can be incorporated into most massage sessions.   The therapist will examine the area and apply the necessary pressure to break up the "knot" or  trigger point.  The benefits far outweigh the temporary pain experienced while receiving this treatment.



Attevle is committed to enhancing wellness through massage with a focus on those who serve others.  The therapist is fully engaged and attentive to the needs of each caregiver, maximizing their potential to give their best to others.